Join us to discuss climate change along with the book All We Can Save, edited by Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson and Dr. Katherine K. Wilkerson. Check out the book from your local library!

This book club is divided into 10 sessions with each session covering a different section of the book. We will learn from each other and regional leaders about how to address the climate crisis together and as individuals.

Reading each book section is encouraged, however not required.

All ages are welcome to participate and you are encouraged to join the conversation together as a family.

Registration Required

To register, call your local library or register for each event through the links below.

  • February 16 – All We Can Save, Introduction pages xvii-xxiv – Register
  • March 16 – All We Can Save, Root pages 3-49 – Register
  • April 20 – All We Can Save, Advocate pages 51-104 – Register
  • May 18 – All We Can Save, Reframe pages 105-146 – Register
  • June 15 – All We Can Save, Reshape pages 147-186 – Register
  • July 20 – All We Can Save, Persist pages 187-230 – Register
  • August 17 – All We Can Save, Feel pages 231-286 – Register
  • September 21 – All We Can Save, Nourish pages 287-321 – Register
  • October 19 – All We Can Save, Rise pages 323-370 – Register
  • November 16 – All We Can Save, Onward pages 371-421 – Register

All We Can Save book is full of heart and reminds us to embrace “… a future that holds us, all of us. This is the work of our lifetimes”. This book club will be a place to talk about and listen to each other’s hopes, worries, ideas and actions.