Worm Wizards of Waste is Bringing a Sense of Wonder and Empowerment to our Youth

8 yo with Worm

The happy sounds children at recess filled the air as a Sydney, an 8-year-old student from Prestwood Elementary School walks me through the school garden towards the shade of a big tree where her school’s new Worm Composting System is set up. “These are where the worms live!” she says with a smile. Just a few weeks from setting this system up, she shares with excitement, “ We are reducing world pollution of greenhouse gas, and were helping the world, little by little, it's really fun and gonna be fun. Were really trying too....we’re giving up one of our recesses at school to help feed the worms” A sense of pride fills the air as she wiggles from one foot to the other while smooshing the bag of worm food she had in her hand.  The work that Conservation Works has been able to do has been detailed in the data, but the true impact is in the sense of joy, wonder, relevance, and mentorship that our programs provide to our youth and community.