Open Out LeafCuttersm
The Santa Rosa Metro Chamber of Commerce has launched an Open & Out artwork on display along Fourth Street to celebrate business openings in downtown Santa Rosa.  The Chamber has awarded a grant to Conservation Works to implement its Treasure Hunt Mini-Murals project.  The thrust of our project is to turn downtown Santa Rosa into an educational treasure hunt. These small art works – dispersed through the downtown area – are beautiful vignettes of native Sonoma County wildlife when viewed independently, and taken collectively are a self-guided treasure hunt for people who like to seek nature, beauty, and knowledge!

Treasure Hunt Micro-Murals themselves are small-ish paintings on selected surfaces including utility boxes, bike racks, light posts, planters, and pillars. These may also be placed in trees, on curbs or buildings, or even on free-standing supports in empty tree grates etc.

Part of this project involves public engagement with the artwork.  The Treasure Hunt Micro-Murals are designed for people to follow a self-guided treasure hunt throughout the downtown area, particularly along Fourth Street. Each small work would be a colorful vignette on its own, interesting and lovely. However, people will be able to engage with the art and be encouraged to explore downtown as they "hunt" for the next art in the series.  This project would particularly be a fun and educational activity for families with children.

Conservation Works believes this educational outreach and "Treasure Hunt" would be applicable to other communities interested in encouraging healthy pollinator habitat planting.  Please let us know if YOUR community would be interested in pareticipating in this program! Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and type Open & Out Pollinator Project in your subject line.